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Debt Litigation

Debt Litigation:

What Debtors In Alabama Need to Know


What is Debt Litigation?

Debt litigation occurs when a creditor takes a debtor to court for non-payment. Generally, this happens when the creditor knows the debtor has assets (property, vehicles, an annuity, a good job, etc.) even though they are cash poor.

When a creditor decides to sue, it’s usually because they believe they will win. Once they are awarded a judgment, creditors can collect through a variety of means, including seizure of both your current assets and future earnings. In a worst-case scenario, debt litigation can result in repossession of your property, garnishment of up to 25% of your wages, and the destruction of your credit.

What Can a Debt Litigation Specialist Do for You?

If you’re headed toward debt litigation, you absolutely need an attorney who understands debt, negotiation, and trial law. At Pleva Law Office, our debt lawyers in Huntsville specialize in providing the citizens of Alabama who refuse to let debt litigation ruin their lives with the advice, support, and firepower they need to stand up to creditors!

When you partner with our specialized debt lawyers in Huntsville, you get access to a wide array of services and knowledge, including…

  • Pre-trial settlement negotiations
  • Pre-trial creditor harassment prevention
  • A professional advocate voicing your position to the judge in pre-trial proceedings
  • Debt restructuring advice/negotiation power
  • Bankruptcy planning and strategy

Even if the courts award a judgment against you, your attorney can provide you with continued support, including…

  • Ensuring your creditors comply with the letter of your judgment
  • Protecting you from unlawful seizures or repossessions
  • Offering guidance as you navigate your judgment and rebuild your life

How Can a Debt Litigation Attorney Help You Plan for Bankruptcy?

When litigation looms, many debtors begin to consider bankruptcy as an option to protect key assets and avoid a potentially lengthy and expensive court battle. Without a Huntsville debt litigation lawyer at your side; however, it’s nearly impossible to know if bankruptcy will improve or hurt your position.

In some situations, declaring bankruptcy before trial can be advantageous. In others, declaring bankruptcy after your judgment can mitigate the damage. For many people, though, surviving debt litigation without declaring bankruptcy is the best long-term choice. As a layperson, it’s almost impossible for you to understand where you fall on that spectrum.

When you connect with a firm with a deep understanding of both debt litigation and the laws concerning bankruptcy in Alabama, like Pleva Law Office, you can create a comprehensive plan to address your debt and keep creditors happy while maintaining your credit and day-to-day fluidity as much as possible.

Get a Debt Lawyer in Huntsville on Your Side!

If you’re being sued over debt or threatened with litigation by creditors, you need to arm yourself with an attorney who’s been there before, knows the law, and understands the tactics creditors use to maximize their judgments and intimidate debtors.

When you partner with Pleva Law Office for Huntsville student loan and debt litigation representation, you can rest assured that our only goal is to protect the long-term health and viability of you and your family. We’re experts in pre-trial negotiation, masters of litigation, and champions of the little guy. Contact us today and learn how you can protect your family, earnings, and property from creditors.

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