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What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables individuals who receive a regular income to develop a plan to repay their debts in installments over three to five years. A few types of borrowers who may benefit from filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy are those whose homes or vehicles are at risk of foreclosure or repossession, those with excessive income tax or student loan debt, and anyone owing criminal fines, traffic tickets, or past-due child support. Borrowers whose income is too high to file for Chapter 7 may qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

If you are in overwhelming debt and live near Huntsville, Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Joseph Pleva can use his knowledge of Alabama chapter 7 law to get you back on your feet. Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives debtors a fresh start by eliminating many of their debts, including credit card bills, personal loans, medical bills, and wage garnishments. Debtors must meet certain income criteria to be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy; those whose income level makes them ineligible may qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead. Some filers whose income exceeds the state’s median income may be eligible depending on how much “excess” money is left over to repay debts after taking into account their necessary living expenses.

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